A Young British Woman Showed Her Ignorance About Africa in Her Memoirs and the Internet Responded

Just like you would expect


The name Louise Linton doesn’t immediately ring a bell in the minds of many people. That is understandable because until four days ago when British publication the Telegraph published an excerpt from her new book In Congo’s Shadow titled How my gap year in Africa turned into a nightmare. In the book, Ms Linton narrates her life somewhere in Africa, according to her it’s Zambia, while she took a gap year – break before one joins the university.

Up until then, her memoirs had managed to escape the public eye since the Amazon listing shows that they were published back in April.

In typical internet fashion, within no time, Ms Linton, who is said to be currently living in the United States where she is an actress, started trending on social media while her book started attracting negative reviews on Amazon.

If the excerpt published by the Telegraph is anything to go by, Louise Linton either by sheer ignorance of facts or otherwise, deliberately went out of her way to publish something that reads like a movie script. The internet did not take it kindly.

And so it began.

A Louise Linton-inspired hair shampoo

A perfect parody account of the child that Linton claims to have grown attached to while in “Zambia” and whom she bravely the stayed behind, risking her life, to protect, was created. And boy! It had some good ones. See for yourself:

*According to Louise, Zimba, the orphaned 6-year-old little girl living with HIV couldn’t properly pronounce her name so she called her “Ru-eese”.

With their country basically reduced to a “war zone” during the time Louise was there “helping” them, Zambians had very few kind words for their white saviour with flowing hair. The rest of the internet quickly learned the ropes and joined in.

After all that, Ms Linton had this to say:

Oh, really?