Google Adds Feature to Hangouts for Android That Was Already on the iOS Variant



Google Hangouts has been the company’s long time messaging app and it gets love from time to time. This time however, the search giant has decided to give the Android app a feature that was available to the iOS sibling a while ago.

According to what 9to5Google discovered, Google has updated Hangouts for Android with the ability to send a video message to your acquaintances. This update is actually version 11 (v 11.0.125976520 in my case) which includes a video message button on the chat interface as shown below.

Hangouts on Android video message

You can see the video button which when you tap opens the camera app so that you can take a video. When you start recording a video and you reach the 1 minute mark, the stop button within the camera app starts blinking although it does not stop the recording. From the publication, they noticed that actually Hangouts on Android is limited to a minute of recording which could be the reason why the stop button started blinking when I was recording the video. Weirdly in comparison to the iOS app, apparently the video time limit is higher where you can send upt 2 minute clips on Hangouts for iOS. Other features that Google made on Hangouts for Android included the ability to remove people from a group which was also updated today on the iOS app.

Currently, you can only see the version 10 of the app on Google Play but if you want to download and sideload the apk, you can check it out here at APK Mirror.


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