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Microsoft Now Neck and Neck with Apple as the Most Valuable Companies

Microsoft is now neck and neck with Apple. When Big Tech conversations come up, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook always take centre stage while underestimating...

Google’s Love for Messaging Apps Lives, Sneaks in Chat Feature in YouTube’s Latest Update

Google has an obsession with messaging/chat apps. It is a niche that the tech giant has failed to crack thanks to the success of...
Messaging Apps

Which Messaging App Ticks Most Security Boxes?

It is highly probable that you use one, two or more messaging apps in your phone. I have four 1) Hangouts because it comes...
Fake Playstore Reviews

Google Is Still Battling Fake Reviews Mess

It seems that the Fake News saga has extended its popularity to Android’s Play Store. For the past couple of days, there has been...
Google Allo

You Can Now Share Files On Allo, Make Voice Calls On Duo and Share Memorable Moments with Photos On...

A file-sharing update is rolling out, so you will be able to share documents and other files including apks, zip files, mp3s and so forth.

Google Hangouts to Take On Slack With a New Focus on Enterprise

After failing to beat the competition in the messaging space, Google Hangouts is now packing its bags and moving next door, into the team...

WhatsApp is More Secure than Telegram Messenger – Report

A report by Amnesty has found out that WhatsApp is the most "secure" messaging app available and it bested the likes of Telegram Messenger

Google Hangouts Will Be Demoted From the Mandatory Google Apps Suite By End Of The Year

Google made a decision of not requiring manufacturers to include Hangouts in the mandatory Google Apps suite which will be effected soon.

Duo, Google’s Consumer-Centred Video App, Starts Rolling Out

Not yet available to everyone, though.

Google Adds Feature to Hangouts for Android That Was Already on the iOS Variant

Google Hangouts has been the company's long time messaging app and it gets love from time to time. This time however, the search giant...

Google Makes it Easy to Chat on the Web via Hangouts

While other Google apps and services like note-taking application Keep or the new Photos app have easily accessible and fully functional homes on the...

New Google Hangouts Update Brings Caller ID, Status Message

Google has announced a host of new updates for Hangouts for Android  which the company promises that it has "improved speed, fresh new...

The Case for Telegram Messenger: Why Don’t We Use It?

Last time the folks behind Telegram released their figures, which was at least two weeks ago, they were impressive. 62 million monthly active users...

Pushbullet now works with Whatsapp, Telegram, Google Hangouts and others

Pushbullet is one of the most handy applications if you happen to use an Android or iOS device. It mirrors notifications from your mobile...

Google updates Hangouts to enable VoIP calls

Google has released to Hangouts, its messaging product that is popular for enabling video chats among friends and family for free and among enterprise...

You can now use Hangouts without requiring a Google+ account in Google Apps for Business

Starting today, businesses that have deployed the use of Google Apps will find it easier to have video conferences with just about anyone with...

Google announces SMS integration for Hangouts app plus other additions

I'm just from watching the A Morning with Google+ livestream and as expected there were no KitKat and Nexus 5 news but there were some...

Android OS update: Google Apps

So Google managed to update several devices without issuing a point update, i.e. 4.3. Here we'll look at five Key apps they updated: Maps, Play...

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