Facebook is Testing Saving Videos for Offline Viewing on the Android App

This will make me watch more videos on Facebook



Videos have become an important aspect in social networks since they usually show very high engagement rates and that is why these networks have been rapidly building their video platforms. Facebook is one of the networks that has significantly amplified its video platform in the form of regular video, 360 degree video and live video and they have made it a priority on the News Feed.

However, to consume video, you need to be online and this means that for the most part, you won’t watch it while you are offline. One workaround to this problem is offline caching which involves saving the video for offline viewing and that is what Facebook is attempting here.

According to a report by Android police, Facebook is testing a way for people to save videos on the app for offline viewing on the Android app. This is how the notification appears when you trigger that save command on the app

via Android Police
via Android Police

When you save a video on Facebook, you are greeted with the “your video is downloading to Facebook” notification which leads to your video being saved in your “saves” in the app. You may think that you will be able to access this video freely within the file manager but this is not apparently the case here. The video will be saved within the Facebook app and you can only access it from the app and this is to prevent cases of people re-uploading it which is great. This is the same implementation made by YouTube with their offline viewing system.

In order for you to enjoy this functionality, it has been spotted in ver 85 and 86(beta) of the app which you can find in sites like APK Mirror.

SOURCEAndroid Police
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