Infinix Gets Ready to Unveil the Note 3



No, not the high-end Samsung devices that go by a similar name. Those are waiting to enter their 6th iteration soon. It’s the Note series from Chinese device brand Infinix.

Infinix has started teasing the Note 3 on its forums.

The Infinix Note 3 will be the successor to the Infinix Note 2 which entered the market late last year and had a long lasting battery, big display and competitive pricing as its main selling points.

The Infinix Note 2 was also the device that first shipped with Infinix’s new user interface, XUI.

This time round, Infinix is adding a fingerprint sensor to the Note lineup as can be seen from the above image.

While at it, we couldn’t help but notice that the upcoming Infinix Note 3’s design is like something we’ve seen before


At the moment, we don’t know a thing about the device’s specifications. If the #NoteTheSpeed teaser is anything to go by then we can expect it to be speedy – the Infinix Note 2 (3G model) was noticeably slower – which means a better processor with a higher clock speed and more RAM? Maybe a more well-optimized version of XUI as well to justify the “speed” tease. One more feature that is likely to make it to the main model is the addition of 4G LTE network radios. The Infinix Note 2 was a 3G smartphone and Infinix only unveiled a 4G variant weeks after it had gone on sale.

Infinix’s Note lineup falls between its entry-level Hot and mid-range Zero smartphone ranges. It happens to be more popular (it sold over half a million units in its first year in the Kenyan market) since it mainly manages to mash together the best of both the Hot and the Zero while not being so cheap to cut most corners like the Hot series or a little pricey like the Zero devices.

Talking about the Hot series, Infinix boss Benjamin Jiang has been teasing an upcoming member of that series, the Hot S which also features a fingerprint scanner at the back, on Facebook for quite some time now. What we can’t tell at this moment is whether it will get to the Kenyan market first before the Note 3.

We’ll get to know more about the Infinix Note 3 in coming weeks/months.

SOURCEInfinix forums
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