Prisma is Planning Something Big for Its Next Major Update


Prisma, the hugely popular one of a kind filter app has had the dream wave of success in the two major app stores we have currently: Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Its unique take on turning photos into a “work of art” using AI has proven to be popular first on iOS where it was first launch and now since it is on Android, it has made their servers crash due to the demand.

The focus right now has been adding the clever filters on your photos taken with the app or obtained from your gallery. It seems they are not done yet as they are planning a major release in the future that will also include videos.

According to Forbes who got a scoop from the Prisma team, they are planning to introduce Prisma videos which will involve creation of short videos natively. This is an awesome future update since the current form where photos being turned into art pieces is really cool and the fact that in the future we will be able to make short videos in this format opens a whole lot of possibilities. Such videos will look something like these Vine or the video by Prisma co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov.


That is not all, we will also get to see 360 degree Prisma videos as well as in VR too which I guess will be consumed in Facebook thanks to their current support of these formats. You may think they will charge for all of this but according to the publication, one of the co-founders apparently stated it will still remain free to use, so no in-app purchases but they will generate income from sponsored filters like the Palmolive one we see on the filter carousel.

We only have to wait for this update to be pushed to the various platform and Prisma will only become bigger at this rate.


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