These Photos Prove Animals Sort of See Pokemon Go AR Characters

How creepy is this?

Via Thirty
Via ThirtyandNerdy on Twitter

Pokémon Go has been a hit in several countries and if you have not heard of the game, it is based on the classic Pokémon characters who have been given the Augmented Reality (AR) treatment in a location based game. It has led people to walk around their surroundings to collect these characters virtually and coupling that with collecting Pokémon cards back in the day has made it incredibly popular.

Since we are living in an age where people share basically everything on social media, we have seen photos being shared of people trying to catch these virtual creatures. Since the game uses AR to position the creatures where your camera points, it gives this sense of realism that has made it quite popular.

However, there has been an interesting trend which brings up a conspiracy question of whether animals can “see” these virtual creatures. It was a hit trend in Japan where several people shared screenshots of their pets (assuming they are) where they seem to be looking at these virtual Pokémon creatures.




This led to other people from around the world posting screenshots of the “weird phenomena”

As a bonus, check out this video of a cat which seems to see the new butterflies Snapchat Lens filter.

Can animals see the Augmented Reality generated by our smartphones? This could be a theory that could be tabled forward but also it could be a well orchestrated trick made by people to make us believe that animals can see this virtual objects.

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