Here Are The Top Trending Searches Made By Kenyans in July

Every month we get to see surprising searches made by Kenyans on Google, amongst the popular ones.


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We are finally in August and this means last month’s Google search results made by Kenyans are here. Some of them are expected thanks to the popularity of the news item but you will always find unexpected questions Kenyans query on Google.

Starting with the top 10 trending searches, the top trending searches was the famous Congolese singer Koffi Olominde. The Rhumba singer had a pretty bad July where a video shared massively on social media exposed him kicking one of his dancers which led him to be arrested and deported.

The second trending topic was the imminent move of Paul Pogba, the Juventus player to Manchester United. Although it has not been confirmed yet, the whole debacle and rumours around this move has made him to be the second most searched topic on Google by Kenyans on July.

Third on the list is the wildly popular game Pokemon Go. Although the game is not officially available on this side of the planet on the Google Play Store, it has not stopped people to go online and learn about it.

Fourth on the list is a sad one which is the gruesome Kisii accident claimed the lives of 8 people and injured two others. The fifth top trending search topic was the Euro 2016 final which was between Portugal and France which led Kenyans to go online and check details surrounding the match.

The other topics that round off the top 10 include Eid Mubarak, the Kapenguria Attack that involved a rogue police officer and his counterparts, Melania Trump after being accused of plagiarism, Theresa May after being named the new UK Prime Minster and Alton Sterling who was shot by police in the US which made people on social media condemn the police actions.

As usual with this data, we have the What is searches and How to searches but this time round, Google added two new categories of search results made by Kenyans: Trending Events and Trending Personalities.

Trending Events

  • UEFA Euro 2016 Final
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Kapenguria Attack
  • Dallas Shooting
  • Turkey Coup
  • Wimbledon 2016
  • Museveni Challenge
  • Koroga Festival
  • Munich Shooting

Trending Personalities

  • Koffi Olominde
  • Paul Pogba
  • Melania Trump
  • Theresa Ma
  • Arlton Sterling
  • Takuma Asano
  • Willie Kimani
  • Blaise Matuidi
  • Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Gugu Zulu

What is…

  • Pokemon go
  • time in Australia?
  • Bastille Day?
  • dyspepsia?
  • anthrax?
  • the cause of dry lips?
  • the cause of  blood in stool?
  • schizophrenia?
  • rheumatoid athritis?

How to…

  • play Pokemon Go
  • make samosa
  • make meat pie
  • make cake
  • cook chapati
  • approach a girl in a cool way
  • make kebabs
  • make pineapple juice
  • survive in campus
  • make pilau rice with meat
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