WhatsApp begins Roll-out of Voicemail Feature on iOS

whatsapp blue ticks


Last year, WhatsApp announced in an update to the App that users can finally make voice calls on the instant messaging services. The update saw the addition of a call button, which on tapping allows users to make calls over the Internet. Last month, WhatsApp for Android Beta version saw the addition of a get call back as well as voicemail feature.

The beta version showed that if another user calls you and you decline their call or fail to pick up, they were ushered into a new screen with three options cancel, call back, record voice message. The cancel option terminates the new screen pop while the call back feature  lets them try the call again. The record voice message option lets you hold the record button and send your message which appears as a chat conversation.

NDTV reports that the feature is now rolling out to iPhone users in a new update which lets users leave a voice message if your call isn’t answered. The new feature works just like the one on the Android beta version. This update is seen by some as a step towards WhatsApp’s long awaited video calling capability expected to roll out later on this year. WhatsApp has in recent times rolled out interesting functionalities including simple formatting tools such as  bold text, italics, underline, bullets and strikethrough.