Blackberry on a Suing Spree over Infringement of its Patents

John Chen Blackberry

John Chen Blackberry

Blackberry has in the recent times increased its offerings as far as software goes as it seeks to move away from its loss-making hardware business. Part of the move has seen the Waterloo company begun to take measures to monetize its 38,000 patents through licensing. The company has also been opening up its exclusive services to users on other platforms. First was the opening up of BBM in 2013 to users on  Android and iOS. Recently, Blackberry allowed users on any Android device to download and install the Blackberry Hub which is a centralized suite for all things communication.

Even with this generosity, Blackberry seems intent on going after OEMs who either knowingly or unwittingly have used the company’s patents on their devices. Last week, the company sued Internet telephony firm Avaya over patent infringements. Blackberry claimed at Avaya infringed parents relating to speech decoding and compression, tracking location of mobile devices as well as methods of displaying messages among other patents. As such, Blackberry is demanding loyalties from the company for some of its products including  Avaya’s video conferencing systems, Avaya Communicator for iPad, a product that connects mobile users to IP Office systems, and various IP desk phones.

This week, Blackberry has turned on Blu, an android device manufacture stating that its infringed on 15 of Blackberry’s patents including a software code-signing system, a phone log display and a battery disconnection system. Others include patents for detecting the number of transmit antennas in a base station as well as methods and systems for signaling connection release indication according to Ars Technica

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