Prisma Has Basically Eliminated Its Server Issues By Making The App Offline




Prisma, the neural network based filter app that has become quite the hit on the popular app store will now get one of the features that I have been wanting since the beginning: Offline processing.

The news was broken by Alexey Moiseenkov, Prisma’s Founder and CEO on his Facebook account which was written in Russian.

From the translation done by Facebook, the statement says that: “I am pleased to announce that we launched the offline version of the processing of photos of our styles.” According to Engadget, the company claimed that it has been able to implement the neural tech in a smartphone which is the key selling point of the app. There is a downside where only half of the 16 Prisma filters will be available offline but they promise to add the rest in the future.

This move to free their servers from processing the filter information paved way for their second announcement: Video. “Now that we’ve implemented neural networks right to the smartphones, we have enough server capacity to run full videos on them in the near future.” As you can remember, the video feature was announced earlier and this news is a build up to that.

Well this cool feature is only available on iOS and of course the offline processing speed depends on the iPhone that you have. Apparently according to the company, the iPhone 6S takes 2.5 seconds to repaint a photo while the older iPhone 6 takes 3 seconds. Since Android is more fragmented than iOS, this will take longer obviously and droids will be updated later on.


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