Here Are Some Of The Hilarious Tweets Posted By Kenyans About USIU



Twitter is usually quite wild when a topic becomes popular and today’s trending topic is not new at all. Kenyans on Twitter today decided to make fun of a local private university, USIU and it is not the first time they have done this.

This time round however, they targeted on the “classy” nature of the university and the result was a cornucopia of hilarious memes posted by Kenyans. They made fun of a situation where as a student of the university, you make the mistake of saying the wrong terms. The format was generally similar where the utterance was followed with the “correct” way of saying it followed by a picture of your “comrades” looking at you with disdain or dragging you out.

The result was a complete laugh-fest and it managed to propel USIU among the top trending topics in Kenya with over 12,000 tweets sent as of writing this article. Here are some of the tweets:

When you join the university and say this:

HELB had to make an entrance.

Asking for a matatu instead of an Uber

Saying kachumbari instead of Mexican salsa

No room for bedsitters (see what I did there?)

Parents were not spared either

No room for motorbikes

They don’t have regular holidays

USIU students don’t fuel

No coins allowed

Stilll more

I can’t fathom”

Don’t forget the right word

Know how to greet your fellow comrades or else

It has been a while since Kenyans on Twitter had a fun trending topic like this and you can trust them to come up with more like this in the future.

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