Galaxy Note 7’s New Notes App is Coming to Older Galaxy Notes Too



Previously, Samsung has had several note-taking apps on its devices. That is even complicated on its Galaxy Note smartphones that are entirely built around the concept of taking note-taking (see?) to a whole new level using the included stylus (S Pen). There is, for instance, the Memo app, then another notes app, S-Notes, then whatever else Samsung bothered to include for, again, note-taking (Action Memo, Scrapbook, sigh). With the new Galaxy Note 7, the company took a step back and removed all the clutter, opting, instead, to stick with just one note-taking app, Notes.

That app will soon make its way to older Galaxy Note devices.

Samsung does not give specific details so we really can’t tell if that includes devices that go a long way back like my beloved Galaxy Note 3. Knowing device makers, though, by that statement Samsung likely means devices that are still within its software support terms. That is usually 2 years. So, for now, until we get further information, Galaxy Note 5 users can rest easy while Galaxy Note 4 users can cross their fingers.