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Samsung S8 Iris Scanner

Hackers Prove That it is Easy to Fool Samsung Galaxy S8’s Iris Scanner

The latest culprit to hackers’ prowess in breaking authentication systems is the insanely popular Samsung Galaxy S8. Ethical hackers/researchers (based at Chaos Computer Club...

Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Could Go On Sale

A local South Korean media reports that Samsung Electronics will sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7s to minimize profit damage and avoid environmental costs. According to...

Samsung is Keeping the Galaxy Note Brand Alive

There will be a Galaxy Note 8, afterall.

Samsung Reveals What Went Wrong With the Galaxy Note 7

This could've been avoided.

Samsung Halts Galaxy Note 7 Production Amidst Reports of Replacement Devices Exploding

You don't want to be in Samsung's shoes right now.

Galaxy Note 7 to Come in New Onyx Black Colour

Whatever happened to phones being available in black or white as a standard? It's now a privilege?

Oculus Warning Users Against Using Gear VR Headset With Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is at the moment in the news for all the negative reasons. There's that huge Galaxy Note 7 recall going on and now...

Samsung Confirms Halting Galaxy Note 7 Shipments in Wake of Faulty Battery Concerns

The company is not saying when shipments and sales of the device will resume.

Galaxy Note 7’s New Notes App is Coming to Older Galaxy Notes Too

Here's to hoping the Galaxy Note 3 is also part of those that will get it.

More Galaxy Note 7 Images Leak Ahead of Global Launch

Samsung is this evening (East African time) expected to officially unveil the next-generation Galaxy Note. As is always the case, there is no shortage of...

Next Generation Samsung Galaxy Note to Arrive With a Dual-Camera Set Up

With August, the expected launch month of the next Samsung Galaxy Note (even though some rumours say something else), fast approaching, we are sure...

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