Samsung Denies Reports it is Planning to Sell Refurbished Galaxy Note 7s


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone was all over the headlines in September and October last year for the wrong reasons. It was exploding and catching fire thanks to faulty batteries as Samsung’s own internal investigations and those conducted by independent third party companies would later confirm.

A report from Korean news outlet Hangkyun yesterday indicated that the company was mulling selling the device in some emerging smartphone markets like India and Vietnam.

A Samsung India representative speaking to India-based NDTV brushed away the report adding that the company had no such plans.

We may not know for sure if this is the last we hear of this story but we will not really be surprised whichever way this matter goes. It might not be really wise to bring back all the bad memories that the public and the media has of the Galaxy Note 7 (let sleeping dogs lie?) but at the same time, if the company has resolved all the safety issues associated with the device then why not make a little money and recoup its losses? It’s a tough big call and we don’t envy whoever has to make it.


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