Galaxy Note 7 to Come in New Onyx Black Colour

Onyx Black Galaxy Note 7 tipped to launch in early October



Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone global rollout was interrupted by a defect in the device’s battery that resulted in multiple reported instances of the device exploding and putting its users and their properties in harm’s way. Samsung reacted in a timely manner by halting sales and recalling the over 2.5 million units of the device that had already been shipped worldwide. That was not before the device entered the bad books of the sensitive civil aviation industry that saw it banned from several flights across the globe.

With the exploding fiasco already handled and replacement devices shipping to both old and new customers (sales resume on September 28th), Samsung is looking to the future. That future includes a new colour option that the device will arrive in, Onyx Black. That’s right, black. With the iPhone 7’s ‘Jet Black’ model having set off a new scramble despite Apple warning its customers that it is susceptible to scratches than the other iPhone 7 models, it only makes sense that Samsung too would want to have something to offer its customers as an alternative even as it battles the Note 7’s newly-created image problem.


But there is a catch. For now, the Onyx Black Galaxy Note 7 is only confirmed for Korea, Samsung’s home market. International availability? That’s still a “maybe”.

The Galaxy Note 7 launched in Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, and Silver Titanium colour models. It is unlikely that a new colour option of a device that has garnered bad reputation over the last few weeks will change public perception of the device any time soon but one’s got to try, right? It’s what Samsung is doing and we can only wish them luck this time around.

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