6GB RAM Galaxy Note 7 Goes Official in China, Already a Hit with Consumers


That 6GB RAM Galaxy Note 7 variant that we previously heard was headed to China actually made it on time and it is already a fan favourite.

According to reports from the Asian nation, pre-orders for the device crossed the 1 million mark within 2 hours of opening.

That goes to show that Samsung’s realization that China was a spec-hungry nation was spot on. The company is hoping to beat the several options available from local players such as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, LeEco, ZTE and Xiaomi and other global brands like Apple whose latest iPhones will soon be seeing the light of day.

Other than the increase in storage, which users will definitely appreciate and which some will argue, should’ve come as standard to all the Note 7s after reports of the device’s embarrassing performance results when pitted against a year-old iPhone, the Chinese Note 7 is not any different. Not even in pricing. It is pretty much what the ordinary model is both in design and other specifications.

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