Next Generation Samsung Galaxy Note to Arrive With a Dual-Camera Set Up



With August, the expected launch month of the next Samsung Galaxy Note (even though some rumours say something else), fast approaching, we are sure to be treated to all manner of rumours about the upcoming device. We’ve already heard that Samsung is mulling skipping the Galaxy Note 6 name in favour of Galaxy Note 7. This makes little sense at the moment however much my peers would want to spin it but it’s not like we’ve not seen this before. Huawei jumped to the Ascend Mate 7 from the Ascend Mate 2. Previously, Huawei had also jumped from the Ascend P2 straight to Ascend P6. So, yes, there’s a precedent. Now to the matter at hand: dual cameras.

It looks like dual cameras are the next battle front in the struggle to innovate and differentiate. Samsung is reportedly bringing dual cameras to its devices with the upcoming Galaxy Note (7?) going first. Even though details are sketchy at this point and it could be all a nice hoax, we can’t rule this out since we’ve seen LG implement a dual-camera setup that every reviewer seems to like while Huawei is just fresh from the kitchen with a dual-camera setup that apparently has German lens maker Leica’s blessings. For all the slack we fail to cut HTC, the Taiwanese device maker has already walked the dual-camera lane albeit with some not-so-out-of-this-world implementations.

Other rumoured features of the upcoming Galaxy Note include 6 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage. None of those are crazy though since Samsung has been building up capacity to produce the same over the last one year [see 1 and 2] and some Chinese companies are already in the market with 6 GB RAM smartphones and more are set to follow. Interesting times lie ahead.