Future Samsung Smartphones to Pack as Much as 6 GB RAM


The Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ are Samsung’s first ever smartphones packing 4 GB RAM. To some, 4 GB RAM may be overkill and if that is the case then what will we describe 6 GB RAM as?

Samsung has begun mass-producing 12 gigabit LPDDR4 mobile DRAM modules. 1 gigabit translates to about 0.125 gigabytes. 12 of such results in 1.5 gigabytes. As such, 2 or 4 DRAM chips when stacked together produce 3 or 6 GB RAM respectively.


The new DRAM is necessitated by the need to be power efficient and fast. In the process, new ground is chartered. Samsung cites enhanced multitasking capabilities and better general performance of operating systems in mobile devices.

Samsung has not explicitly stated that it is looking at incorporating these in future devices but we all know that this is the natural route and with mass-production in full swing, we can expect to see smartphones packing these chips made using a 20nm process in the market before the end of 2016.