Twitter Wants To Share Revenue With Influencers


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Videos have gained prominence in social networks of late as these companies have noticed that they usually increase the engagement statistics of the network, which is a very good indicator of the health of the platform. Thanks to this user generated videos, we have seen epic content being uploaded by various people around the world who sometimes become famous thanks to the entertainment value of these videos. Well, Twitter wants to capitalize on that just like how YouTube has been doing for a while.

According to Recode, Twitter through their Amplify program will partner with video creators in a revenue share program which is what we see with YouTube. Twitter is more generous in that 70% of the ad revenue will be given to the content creator while the company pockets the rest which is better than what YouTube offers its content creators (they keep 45%).

This revenue split will apply only to videos on Twitter and not on the other platforms the company owns (Periscope and Vine) although Vine is planning a similar program like this. The videos the content creators are not bound with Twitter as an exclusive and they can post the same video elsewhere. In addition, Twitter has made it easy for creators to post content that have the revenue share deal where apparently they only need to click on a rev-share button when they are uploading the video.

The unfortunate thing is that this feature is only open currently to everyone in the US and you will expect them to roll it out further globally. This is a great move to keep the talent that is on Twitter who may have seen that YouTube is more attractive to them in the financial sense.


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