Here Are Some Of The Photos People Have Shared on Social Media of Today’s Eclipse

annular solar eclipse
Credit: Takeshi Kuboki- Flickr

Eclipses have always been a spectacle and has intrigued humanities for millennia. In this age of social media use, people have had the opportunity to share photos of the various eclipses that we see which are broadly defined under solar and lunar eclipses.

Today on the 1st of September, we had the opportunity to see an eclipse in Kenya and also in some parts of Africa. This particular eclipse was specifically an annular solar eclipses which are rather rare and you could see in different locations around the world at specific times. According to Time and Date, in Nairobi, the spectacle was to begin at 10 am and end at 1:38pm today but the best time to see it was at 11:47 am.

However Nairobi weather today was overcast and we could not see the eclipse in action but other locations were not and people decided to share photos of the eclipse on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

From Mombasa

From Arusha

From Kinshasa


A photo uploaded from Zimbabwe

Dar-Es-Salaam was properly represented by this photo

My favourite is the one taken in Kigali

The photos were also shared on Facebook and Instagram too

The last time we had such a flurry of photos of an eclipse was almost a year ago during the Supermoon eclipse where the moon was huge and was reddish in colour.