How To Get Tall Is One Of The Trending Searches Made by Kenyans In August On Google

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September is here with us and this means that we get to know which were the top Google Search queries made by Kenyans during the month of August.

This was an Olympic year which was held in Rio from July to August and of course Kenya participated in the games. The track and field events were the last major category of the events and this is where the country shined where we garnered 6 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze. Thanks to the fact you could follow the events on Google Now or by searching for a specific event could have contributed it to top the trend list for August.

The new season of the  English Premier League kicked off mid August and it is no surprise it became the second most trending search made by Kenyans. Mwai Kibaki was third on the list due to the news of his health where we were informed he was flown to South Africa for further treatment. Usain Bolt took the fourth place in the list thanks to his performance in the Olympics where he got the 100m, 200m and 4x100m gold medals. Our very own Julius Yego took the fifth spot thanks to his incredible performance in the Olympics by taking silver in the Javelin event.

Other trending searches that rounded off the top 10 include:

  • Arsenal signing Lucas Perez
  • David Rudisha when he wold a gold medal in the 800m race
  • Simone Biles winning several gold medals in the Rio olympics
  • Ezekiel Kemboi winning the bronze medal in the Rio Olympics only to be stripped of it later on due to an infringement.
  • Caster Semenya when she won gold for S.A in the women’s 800 m final in the Rio Olympics.

Now for my favourite part of the Search data where we see what Kenyans were quering in the What is? and How to categories:

What is:

  • KBBR
  • the risk of excess sugar in the body
  • climate change
  • wudu?
  • the best solution for stretch marks
  • Kenya’s best school
  • the meaning of WCW?
  • a blogger?
  • nauseous?
  • a casserole?

How to:

  • make a girl like you
  • play Pokemon go
  • make your hair grow
  • get rid of a scar
  • know if you are pregnant
  • make chicken salad
  • start a blog
  • get tall
  • treat stretch marks
  • make strawberry ice cream


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