Kenyans Can Get Free SIM Cards on Arrival to India

delhi international airport

International travel usually has these costs that you’d wish were taken off the checklist, outside the basics like flight, hotel, food, airport transfer, standard gifts or sight seeing. Buying a SIM card you’re gonna use for 5 days, or even worse, expensive roaming because the cost of buying a SIM card isn’t worth it. That we can do without if and when we can, right?

It’s even hard getting to purchase a SIM card in some countries because that’s one tool of identity that’s really guarded. From loads of paper work to unwilling vendors due to what it means to sell to foreigners who will be there for three days. That changes in a few days, at least in India and for some specific countries.

The India government has declared that travelers on the e-tourist visa get a free SIM card upon arrival from the state owned mobile carrier Bharat Sanchar Ningham Limited. This starts from 27th September. There are 113 countries eligible for e-tourist visa for India, and Kenya is one of them. See list of other countries that also fall in this category.

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