Twitter Shares Spike 18% Thanks To A Report of A Takeover

Twitter's shareholders must be happy



Twitter is a decade old and although it has over 300 million active users, its growth has been stagnating over time and are not cashing in revenues as they would like to have. This lost confidence on the social network due to its growth has led to its stock tanking but that does not mean that other well off companies wouldn’t like to buy it.

According to CNBC, Twitter has received “expressions of interest from several technology companies” which is quite interesting. Apparently those sources told the publication that Twitter might receive “a formal bid shortly” which could mean that the social network could be the property of another tech company sooner than you think.

CNBC went further to reveal some of the companies who would want to buy Twitter which include Google who have been rumoured for a while now in this saga and interestingly enough Salesforce. 

Google might want to buy Twitter for several reasons, mainly thanks to its social graph of the over 313 million active users and its potential in being a livestreaming giant. Salesforce is known for its CRM (customer relationship management) product and the company could be interested in turning Twitter to a proper CRM juggernaut which Twitter has been trying to improve on it by outing some updates. Twitter could be the social network Google has been wanting Google+ to be and Salesforce could just turn it into a CRM tool. Interesting times ahead.

Thanks to this news, Twitter shares have soared 18% higher thanks to the takeover reports and could go even higher as the speculations arise.

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