Infinix Hot S Review: The Special one?


This was probably the first Infinix that I really enjoyed using. I’m sure by now you have seen or read in countless places  how beautiful this device is. I am not going to repeat it here because I’ve given it more attention in the video. Watch it.

What I will say however is that this was probably one of the best experiences I have had on an Infinix device. Let me first spell out the cons and get that out of the way. For me personally, it wasn’t the best performance I have had on an Infinix, don’t get me wrong, it not bad, not in the very least but there were moments of noticeable hiccups and unexpected app closures. This might be a bug in the system, or even exclusive to just my device. I don’t know, but it wasn’t too bad of an experience to make me write it off.


I also struggled with the camera. I’m very picky once it comes to photographs but I am also realistic. I don’t expect this to be the best camera in the world but there are some moments that I wished it pulled something special out of the bag. Possibly the best part of it for me was the 8MP front selfie camera which pulled off some amazing selfies in the low light areas. Everyone say hi to my mother!


Eric Wainaina posing for the back 13MP back camera
Eric Wainaina posing for the back 13MP back camera

Let us get to more good stuff. It feels just right to use, perfect size with the 5.2 inch screen and beautifully curved metal frame that is delightfully cold to the touch. The scanner at the back is perfect for this device. I cannot imagine it without it. It is quick and it is accurate. Infinix’s implementation of the scanner has been good so far across all the devices that have it, right up to the lowly priced Infinix Hot 4.


The 3000 mAh battery life is just okay, I can’t complain much about it. The key feature or element to the experience has to be XOS Chameleon that is on top of Android Marshmallow 6.0. I gushed about it in my review of the Infinix Note 3 and a lot more in the video review of this device. I still give it praise. Its definitely not perfect but a wonderful step in the right direction.

At the end of this review period, I asked myself what exactly was special about this device. I don’t want to pose the question of whether or not it was special. I have already concluded that it is, but what specifically is it that makes it feel that way. Up until writing this review, I have no idea, hence the question mark in the title, but it sure does feel special. Maybe it subjective. It might spark something different for each user. For me though, it think its a collection of all of this. The whole package, right from its beautiful design to its lackluster back camera. Its just the perfect symmetry.

Enough of my ‘deep poetic’ thoughts now, you have come here for a review, and a review you shall get. Watch the video up above and linked here as well for my full extended review of the Infinix Hot S. It retails between Ksh 16,000- 18,000 in Safaricom and other Infinix outlets.

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