Infinix Note 3 Review, The Bigger Better Note

Pushing budget to the limit?


All fans of big phones out there, rest assured that big phones just keep coming, and better still you don’t need to have big pockets to own them. That is what the Infinix Note series is here for.

Big phones are a huge sell for me considering my clumsy nature, I like things that fit my hands. Therefore, I steer away from anything that requires work to hold. When I received the Infinix Note 3 though, I got curious, there was something about it that even picky phone users like me could appreciate. I wasn’t the only one. Out of all the review phones I have gone back home with, this is the only one that impressed my mother. She was excited about it. In less that a minute, she declared it as her next phone (an upgrade from the Infinix Hot Note)

Why?? You could ask, that but knowing my mother (and she is not the only one to be impressed), I think its because of a couple of things.

It is BIG

Following the ‘the bigger the better’ ideology, any big phone creates some illusion that it is better. This is the reason why some of us go take pictures with tablets and iPads because logic…

The Infinix Note 3 comes with a 6 inch Full HD screen in a very sleek and relatively thin build. That is a big phone guys. That’s not all, it has a big battery to match, therefore no compromises. Read 4500 mAh.


Rarely do I admit this for Infinix devices, but the Note 3 stands out, especially compared to last year’s Note 2. Gone is the plastic, say hello to aluminium. With the Champagne gold color of the one I have, eyes would linger just a few seconds longer once you look at it. The best part is, that the beauty isn’t just on the outside, the insides also got a bit of a spruce up thankfully.

It comes with Android Marshmallow 6.0 and its all new XUI  XOS Chameleon that I honestly liked. I say this because through my weeks of using this phone, I did not install another launcher. Neither did I have the thought of doing it! Madness, even my own personal Sony Xperia Z5 has a custom launcher!!

Infinix really did blow it out of the park there.


I always love the ‘aaahhhhs’ and ‘woooooows’ I get when I showed people this neat ‘trick’, many of whom, couldn’t understand how you possibly unlock your phone with our finger. That is because this feature has for long been reserved for those who spend a lot of money on phones. Not any more, mid range and budget smartphones are bringing these features to the masses. Look at the X-TIGI with its VR bid. Here is Infinix giving you a handy security feature for literally a quarter of the price. It is a good reader that worked very well for me during its use.

The even better news is, this is not the only budget to mid range phone coming with this feature. Soon enough, this will be mainstream but sadly the joy I would take from seeing amazed faces will be dearly missed.

At Ksh 15,000 the Note 3 pushes the boundary of what budget smartphones should be.

But it is not all rosy either.

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