Periscope Wants To Appeal To Top Creators With Their VIP Program

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periscope VIP program


Every social network has grown to realize that a certain percentage of users are the ones who make the majority of others coming back thanks to their content. This is why these companies have put in measures to make sure they retain them so that they can increase engagement on their platforms.

Periscope has realized that there are such users on its livestreaming platform and to make sure that they feel like it is the best platform to be in, they announced the Periscope VIP program.

If a top broadcaster on Periscope applies to be a part for this program, they will access certain benefits that depend on the badges the company provided. These tiers are Bronze, Silver Gold.


In order to be considered to be given the Bronze badge, you must have over 10,000 followers, average 200 live viewers per broadcast, at least make a live broadcast twice a week and follow Periscope guidelines on content on their behaviour. Silver requires you to have over 30,000 followers and over 300 live viewers per broadcast and Gold requires you to have over 100,000 followers while your broadcasts pull at least 500 live viewers each.

There is of course different privileges in each tier. In the bronze tier, you will get a bronze badge on your profile, care packages for making you look good on broadcasts, prioritization in the search results and access to materials for making great broadcasts.

The Silver tier includes the Bronze benefits including direct support from Periscope within 12 hours, Private broadcasts from Periscope to see what they are upto, you’ll be included in future discovery products and in a slack channel with other VIPs. The Gold tier of course includes both the benefits in the Silver and Bronze tier where you will get an “elevated access” to collaborate with the Periscope team.

This is an important program for the company as they try to retain the popular livestreamers defecting on competing platforms like Facebook Live or YouTube.

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