Public Group Links are Coming to WhatsApp Soon

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At the moment, if one wants to join a WhatsApp group they have to request the known admin(s) of such a group to add them to the group. Unlike some other messaging apps, WhatsApp groups don’t have direct links to join.

That is bound to change soon if the latest update to the WhatsApp beta app is anything to go by.

In the beta app which went live yesterday, WhatsApp group admins will now have the option to copy the group link when trying to add new members to their groups. The link can then be pasted anywhere they deem fit where the targeted audience can access and join the group.

In addition to links, those targeting large numbers of people to join groups (WhatsApp increased the number to 256 participants) can use other means to invite them. Like quick response (QR) codes and writing NFC tags (geeky!).

Another feature that has been noted in the beta app is the addition of quick media sharing icons. These make it easier to share all those funny clips and photos that usually circulate in the dark corners of WhatsApp instead of having to labour selecting the entire thing then hitting the forward arrow at the top of the chat window.

Features like these making their way to the beta app usually means that sooner rather than later, they’ll be coming to the stable app. We can’t wait.