Twitter Takes A Jab At Storify By Letting Everyone Create Their Own Moments


Twitter moments tutorial

Twitter announced Moments almost a year ago which is a collection of curated news generated from the tweets, Vines or videos published in the Twitter ecosystem done by a dedicated team. It is available on selected countries and you can see these moments which are arranged in categories by tapping on a specific button that looks like a lightning bolt.

This system was organized by a team on Twitter who scoured through the mass of tweets and Vines and created these curated lists so that you could get a broad glimpse of what is happening in the world. However, the company decided on August that they would now let influencers create their own Moments which was great. Well yesterday, Twitter made this official where now anyone can create compelling stories in a Moment.

So how can you create these moments? Well if you are creating the Moment from, you only need to go to your profile and tap on the “create new Moment” tab. This will open a new graphic where you can give a title to your Moment, a description and later on can add the tweets either buy searching for them, by account, via a link or by looking for tweets you have liked. You can choose any picture from your list of tweets as a cover for the moment and share the moment via tweet.

Twitter gave some pointers in coming up with great Moments where you need to:

  • Keep your titles short but descriptive
  • Add a description to show people what they will find in your Moment
  • Add an “irresistible” cover photo
  • make sure your Moment is not too long or too short, around 10 tweets long.
  • make it a bit lively by adding a bunch of tweets that have Vines, videos, GIFs or regular photos.



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