Twitter Does Seem Not To Agree On This Handbag’s Colour

blue bag


Here we go again!

You can remember last year’s fiasco of a dress that trended on Twitter and other social media platforms since people could not agree on the colour of the dress. It became such a huge deal since some people said it was black and blue while others said it was white and gold

Well now we have another debate and it is about a handbag’s colour.

Oh yeah…here is the handbag (she deleted the original tweet)

She decided to share her new bag which she seemed to be quite proud off only to start a conversation about the colour of the bag.

It started by this person who said it looks white

Her reply was baffling since she replied saying that it was actually blue in colour

…and the comments started pouring in where some appeared to be shocked by her reply

Someone thought it was dove grey (first time hearing this)

This guy thought his monitor was faulty.

This guy tried to make sense of the situation by zooming on the picture

But others brought the big guns and used “science” to know the colour of the bag

A more precise shade of blue was quickly determined.

Quite a number of the responders still insisted that the bag was white

It seems like the perception of colour between humans is becoming an interesting problem. lt could be due to the colour accuracy of the screen of your equipment but it could also due to how you see colour. The previous saga of the blue dress even prompted researchers to write a paper about it where they found out that it is due to how our brains interpret the various wavelengths of light.



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