Oculus Issues Update to its App Disabling Galaxy Note 7’s VR Functionality



Those who are still sticking with their Galaxy Note 7s and either got a new Gear VR from Samsung with their purchase or bought one, are in for a rude shock. The Gear VR will no longer work when paired with the Note 7.

This is after Oculus issued an updated to the mobile app which is installed on the smartphone rendering it useless in a bid to protect users of the Gear VR since the Galaxy Note 7 is prone to explosions which may result in injuries and other physical harm.

Normally, from my experience with the Gear VR, an attached device can get really warm and with the Galaxy Note 7’s already bad record, it is anyone’s guess how ugly things can get if kept unchecked. Not wanting to take any chances, Oculus, Samsung’s Gear VR content partner, is calling it quits, indefinitely.

When users connect their Note 7 to the Gear VR, they are reportedly being greeted by this message:


Early last month, Oculus issued a statement on its website advising users of the Gear VR not to use it with the Galaxy Note 7 until they had replaced their Galaxy Note 7 with one deemed safe. However, recent developments have meant that even that advise should not be taken. Replacement Galaxy Note 7s have reportedly been exploding with at least 7 incidences having been reported as of yesterday. Consequently, Samsung has already sounded the alarm to Galaxy Note 7 users to stop using their devices and hand them in for either a refund or exchange with another device.


Oculus has posted the following statement on its website:


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