Implementation of the National Addressing System to Cost Kshs. 2.8 Billion



The Communications Authority of Kenya has been looking at creating a National Addressing System. The National Addressing System (NAS)  framework will allow for the for naming or numbering of streets, properties, buildings and parcels of land to facilitate the identification and location of a parcel or dwelling on the ground. It will also include digitised maps. Earlier in the year, the Communications Authority developed a consultation paper on the NAS framework, which was to subject to approval by the board. CA had set an action and implementation plan with the launch date slated for July 2016. This did not, however, take place.

According to local paper Business Daily, implementation of the project is slated to cost Kes 2.8 Billion based on a Universal Postal Union report. The cost will go towards  hiring staff, buying and installing street signs across the country and transitioning from the present mail delivery process to the new system.  The implementation of the project will see an improvement in the eCommerce subsector while at the same time, improving tax collection.

This is the second attempt at getting the NAS right. Previous efforts began in 2010 with the establishment of an inter-ministerial task force with stakeholders such as Ministry of Land, Survey of Kenya, Nairobi City County and  CA involved. The task force was able to pilot the project in Nairobi but not much progress has been seen since. Lack of funds as well as the lack of coordination of activities from a central agency. These new efforts will adopt a Public-Private partnership which may make it more successful.  The CA will regulate the system while at the same time ensuring the system remains self-sustaining by charging property numbering and addressing fees.


  1. This is a really great idea.I never knew there were plans for such a system in place.I really hope it succeeds.CA should let the public know what part they can play since I for one would be willing to put up a properly labeled sign in our suburb.

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