Popular Nigerian Blogger Launches A Social Network



Social networking sites have been the zeitgeist for the last decade or so where some have ended up becoming huge news gathering organizations valued in the billions of dollars. You may get the feeling that we have reached peak social media but that is not true since we get to see new sites cropping out.

Some of you may know the popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji and it seems she want to breakout from the blogging circle into owning an actual social network. Her new social network is called Linda Ikeji Social (or LIS in short) and this is how it is described in a blog post:

LIS is basically Facebook meets Linda Ikeji Blog meeets ebay.com! You can connect with friends on LIS, chat, get the latest breaking news, sell your eye witness stories to us and get paid. You can also buy and sell your goods and services from authentic buyers and sellers.

When you check out the website, it is true that in practice, it resembles a weird portmanteau of a social network and an ecommerce site.


The social network comprises of users posting updates, checking out updates from other users, submitting a story and receiving notifications. The ecommerce part of it involves “deals” which seems to involve creating an ad that would run on the site and there are some currently that run on the right side of the page.

This looks like an interesting experiment for Linda and it will only be a matter of time until we see how it will blossom into be.


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