Collins Word of The Year List Is Greatly Influenced By Social Media

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Literature is developed from culture and it is usually the source of all the words that we use in the various languages that we use currently. English, for example has become a concoction of several words borrowed from other languages, which in the present time has been used as an official language in various scenarios.

As you know, English dictionaries have the task of adding new words to the pool and in the last few words, we have seen words that have originated from social media ending up being incorporated into the English language. This year is no different and Collins dictionary have prepared a list of the words of the year and some of them have been popular thanks to social media.

Brexit took the top spot according to Collins, which was borne from the famous referendum done in Britain where the residents voted to exit the European Union. It was an incredibly popular in June when the whole hullabaloo about the vote was going on and now it has been immortalized as the word of the year by the dictionary.

Other words that made the list include:

  • sharenting: which is the practice done by parents where they share pictures of their children on social media.
  • throw shade: which is showing contempt to someone on social media.
  • mic drop: where a person imitates the action of dropping  a handheld microphone after giving a statement.
  • Trumpism: which are policies advocated by Donald Trump or controversial statements made by him.
  • Dude food: food that is appealing to men
  • Uberization: This is the recent adoption of Uber’s business model where businesses offer services on demand using mobile technology
  • JOMO: No, not Jomo Kenyatta…In some social media circles, JOMO means Joy Of Missing Out which is the opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out).
SOURCECollins dictionary
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