Infinix’s Upcoming Zero 4 Smartphone’s Hero Feature Will be the Camera


This should not surprise you if you have been a keen follower of Infinix’s Zero smartphone series. As the flagship of the company, the device series, as expected, has always leaned on bringing the latest features and that includes the camera.

The most recent member of the Zero series, the Infinix Zero 3, made the big jump to a 20.7-megapixel camera and still remains the brand’s best camera on a smartphone, yet. Not for long, though.

The company’s CEO and co-founder, Benjamin Jiang, has been sharing photos taken with the Infinix Zero 4, the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone, on his Facebook page with his nearly 15,000 fans, for a while now. From his updates, we know that the Zero 4 will have optical image stabilization (OIS), likely one of the camera’s standout new features. The Zero 3’s standout feature was the ability to record 4K video.

Now the company’s forums are also awash with teasers of the upcoming device.

A previous tease by Mr Jiang on his Facebook page had hinted to Infinix also joining the dual-camera craze but the teaser on the Infinix forums doesn’t give that away so as of this moment, we really don’t know what to expect. Or there will be two variants of the Zero 4 (one with dual cameras at the back and another one, the superior one, with just one) as is the case with Tecno’s Phantom 6?

While Infinix managed to stay under the Kshs 20,000 mark with the Zero 3, that is unlikely to be the case for the Zero 4 as the Infinix boss confirmed when we interviewed him a while back.

November 25th, the Infinix Zero 4’s launch day, is fast approaching so we are not far away from knowing the truth.


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