WhatsApp Has Launched Video Calling To Everyone




Video calling has become quite the standard on messaging platforms and WhatsApp was only the big boy left  that didn’t offer this feature to all of its users. Not any more, as they have finally launched video calling to anyone, which will sure make the over a billion of its users happy.

The rumours of the feature started last year which later on became serious when we noticed that they had launched it late last month to beta Android users. At the time, it was quite hard to make a video call to someone on WhatsApp (unless they had the specific version) but now, you will be able after updating your current apps.

Making a video call is as easy as making the traditional voice calls WhatsApp announced earlier too. When you want to make a video call, you only need to go to the specific contact, tap on the call button, select video call and right away, you will be connected to the person. If you are not able to make the video call, one of the reasons is that the recipient has not yet updated his/her app so you can go ahead and advise.

This move will now make WhatsApp catch up with Facebook Messenger and Viber which have had the feature for a while now. This is also being released to other platforms like iOS and Windows Phone which will join Facetime and Skype that are owned by Apple and Microsoft respectively. The only thing remaining is comparing the var


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