HTC has had better days when it comes to smart phone sales. Remember when HTC used to be associated with class and stature? Well, that is not the case any more. You hardly see any HTC device around and even if you do, it’s the mid-range and overpriced 620 and 820 series. Speaking of overpriced, one of the main reasons why HTC has had a hard time catching up to the competition is due to their price. There is no denying that HTC devices are well-built and attractive, but so are sub $400 dollar phones. HTC had put a lot of hope on its 2016 flagship, the HTC 10, but this device didn’t do that well. This year, HTC has switched things up (again, after dropping the ‘One’ branding last year), and is pushing the HTC U Ultra as their flagship device for the year 2017.

The HTC U Ultra looks good and has an impressive specs sheet, including a snapdragon 821 SOC, coupled with 4GB RAM and a 5.7” UHD display with a secondary ticker, but then again, we’re comparing it to last year’s devices such as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

HTC is betting on its AI powered software, Sense Companion, to be the differentiating factor of the HTC U Ultra and the less expensive HTC U Play. The HTC U Ultra is set to go on sale in the US (in March) for $750, which is not cheap. With such a high price and last year’s specs, the HTC U Ultra will be a hard sell. Share your thoughts with us, are you satisfied with the HTC U Ultra?

Read more about the HTC U Ultra and the U Play.

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