This Is What Facebook Is Planning For Messenger In 2017


Facebook Messenger is one of the leading messaging apps in the world with over a billion users and the interesting thing is that although it offers a lot of features to its users, Facebook says it is only 1% finished.

They were not joking about this as Messenger’s VP, David Marcus, revealed the plans they have for the platform for this year.

First, they want to make Messenger your virtual room. Human culture dictates that the living room is the place where you hang around with your family, shop online, look at media content or share experiences.. The Messenger team wants to recreate these types of interactions with everyone.

They also want to make your camera as your “keyboard.” Facebook says we have to expect them to continue making ‘visual communication’ a big part of Messenger. We have seen them do this thanks to their updates that have added stickers, custom frames and also 3D masks (Snapchat style) so expect more of those.

The team also wants to make Messenger your global directory of people and business. You may have noticed that Messenger has been targeting businesses for a while now through profile changes and bots and it is no surprise they are continuing with this. They are now aiming to make this global Messenger directory simple and easy to use.

The next focus is all about developers and businesses thriving in Messenger. This is a continuation of the further development of the Messenger Platform. They have seen people use Messenger for customer service, travel bookings, launching products and much more and for 2017, they want to see see an increase in these experiences and more ways to share. In addition, they want to employ the use of AI where they will be an increase in automation and they started this with the launch of Facebook M.