LG Goes for Near-Bezel-less Design with G6 Smartphone


LG is set to unveil its 2016 flagship smartphone, the G6, at an event in Barcelona at the start of the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

So far, we’ve heard so much about the said device. That it will have a Quad HD+ display with a queer aspect ratio. That it won’t have its predecessor’s infamous think different modular design. That it may be the first non-Google Pixel smartphone to ship with Google Assistant baked in and so on and so on. But what about exactly how it looks?

Well, the LG G6 may not be Chinese upstart Xiaomi’s ridiculous Mi Mix but it will be somewhere close with its over 90% screen-to-body ratio.

Here, see for yourself:

That is the LG G6 in all its frontal glory. It sure does look good, doesn’t it?

Since LG is doing away with the modular design that allowed it to offer something its competitors couldn’t, a removable battery, the G6 will reportedly feature a sealed battery unit at the back and also have some water resistance to go with it.

LG is set to retain the dual-camera system of last year’s G5 alongside the fingerprint sensor at the back.

We still have a couple more weeks left for the internet to do its thing: let us see the remaining bottom half of the device and a clear look at the back besides what we’ve been treated to so far – the back covered by God-awful cases.

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