Facebook And Google Take Their Fight Against Fake News to France


Fake news has been a problem both on traditional and digital media, but for the latter thanks to its impact on the US general elections, it led online giants, Facebook and Google to ramp up efforts to weed it out.

One of the efforts Facebook is championing forward in the fight against fake news is by using a fake news filter which they started rolling out in Germany. Now according to Reuters, they are now partnering with Google and a group of news organizations launched an initiative in France to tackle fake news.

Facebook in collaboration with news organizations (Agence France-Presse, BFM TV, L’Express and Le Monde) will work together so that false news are not published on its platform. Google on the other hand is part of the initiative as a “cross check”.

This is part of Facebook’s strategy to stem out fake news which has become a problem and a threat to its platform. Fake news has the potential to ruin the perception of Facebook as a reputable source for news and also have an adverse effect on the population.

This is why they decided to start the initiative in Germany where people would be allowed to report news stories they suspected to be fake. This is due to the fact that Germany was planning to fine Facebook heavily if they didn’t curtail the spread of misinformation. The move in France also is geared for the same effect since they also have a general election this year and you will expect Facebook and its partners to continue with their efforts to curb fake news.