Your Cracked Phone Screen Could be the Reason You’re Single

Have a cracked screen? You’re probably, maybe going to die alone.


Our phones have become part of our lives, we spend a lot of time looking at our screens – you’re probably reading this on your phone – so it is not a surprise that your phone could be affecting your love life. According to Match’s latest Singles in America survey, your device of choice and how you use it can speak volumes about you.  The survey found that single people who have older model phones are 56 percent less likely to get a date in the course of a year. Women, in particular, mind an outdated device. They were 92 percent more likely to judge you for having one.

The case is particularly bad for those who have a cracked screen, since it is a turnoff, according to Match’s data. Fortunately it’s far more upsetting to Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1981) than millennials (those born between 1982 and 2002). Though women overall are 86 percent more likely to criticize you if you haven’t repaired your screen.

Apart from the condition of the phone, the brand matters. Android users were 15 times as likely to look down upon you for having an iPhone. While iPhone users were 21 times as likely to judge you poorly for using an Android.

As much as we could dismiss this survey as “first world problems”, I do believe that your phone is a reflection of who you are, as much as your clothes and your taste in music and series. I don’t judge people for having broken screens, but then again, I fix my broken screens within 48 hours of the damage.
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