Android Instant Apps Now Available on Select Devices


Google has started rolling out Instant Apps to some users of its Pixel and Nexus devices across the world.

As we had previously noted, Android Instant Apps are basically, “a new lightweight means of accessing mobile content in a rich app-like format without really having installed an app.” Instant apps are some of the features made possible with the rollout of Android Nougat.

The functionality is already live for a few select apps whose developers had been working with prior to release.

Some users of Nexus and Pixel devices are reporting being able to use the feature.

According to Google news site 9to5Google, Instant Apps can be identified in search results on the Chrome mobile browser by looking for the word Instant in the subheading. Users can then select Ópen App’ to be transported to the app-like experience without really having to install the app.

It is not clear when the feature will become available to non-Google devices.


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