Mozilla Has Acquired Pocket, But It Will Still Remain As An Independent Subsidiary


If you are an avid user of the web, you may have come across Pocket, which came to solve an issue where you might want to save an article to read it at a convenient time or while offline.

The service was previously known as Read It Later when it was introduced on Mozilla Firefox in 2007. It extended from being an addon on Firefox to being an extension on Chrome and having dedicated mobile apps on both iOS and Android.

Now, Pocket has gone back to where it started thanks to an acquisition by Mozilla. According to the company, it will still continue to be a wholly owned and an independent subsidiary of the Mozilla Corporation.

So how will Pocket benefit from this? “They are adding fuel to our rocketship,” Pocket said in the blog post, “they have extraordinary resources, global scale, and reach to put Pocket in more places, and help us build an even better product, faster.” Pocket even took the time to say that they have a few “major updates” that we will see in the coming months.

This is an interesting chapter for Pocket. Nate Weiner, Pocket’s CEO and Founder reminisced in the blog post about how his company has grown over time in the last decade. Pocket has grown to employ 60 people over and now that late night hack project that we know of as Pocket has grown to become something that has been clicked over 3 billion times.

We now wonder what Pocket has in store for us in the next few months and whether it will be installed natively on Firefox in a future update.

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