Kenyans Paint Gloomy Picture of Kenyan Uber Drivers’ Strike

Uber strike
Via Twitter

Uber came to Kenya, more accurately in Nairobi, in late January 2015 and they initiated the taxi hailing service revolution in the country. They have since expanded their operations to Thika and Mombasa but it has not come without problems.

Mid last year, Uber made the decision to slash its prices by 35% in Nairobi thanks to competition from Safaricom’s own Little Cabs. They slashed the per minute ride from Ksh 4 to Kshs 3, Kshs 60 per kilometre to Kshs 35 and reduced the minimum cab fare to Kshs 200 from Kshs 300 so as to be competitive with Little Cabs.

This move did not sit well with Uber drivers as they protested on August last year and now they are doing it again. On February, Uber announced upfront fares and as explained in their blog, the guaranteed fare displayed on the app will not change even if you have multiple stops or change your destination mid-trip. This strike has been simmering since February 23rd when Uber drivers hold demos along Waiyaki Way near Uber Kenya’s offices where they complained over reduced earnings.

Well today,  there is another strike and it has been trending on social media sites like Twitter where people have commented about it and photos have been shared about the demo.

Starting with people sharing photos of Uber cars that were oiled for not participating in the strike.

A photo of alleged protesting Uber drivers 

People condemned the actions of the protestors

There is no need to vandalise

“You can just delete the app”


People also resulted into advising other potential passengers


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