Price Comparison Between Uber, Taxify, Little Cab, Mondo Ride And MaraMoja

Taxi Hailing apps Kenya

Taxi Hailing apps KenyaThe taxi hailing business in Nairobi has become quite fierce since Uber paved the way for others in January 2015. Since then, a number of taxi hailing companies have popped up to try getting a size-able piece in the taxi business.

Uber is the front-runner in this case and the road has not been smooth for them. They launched UberX in Kenya with an original pricing of 60 KES/km, 4 KES/ minute, 100 KES base fare and a minimum fare of KES 300. This was revised when Safaricom’s Little Cabs came into the picture with their revised rates where Uber slashed their price by 35%.

However, that decision did not sit well with drivers who are in the Uber ecosystem that prompted a strike and they had to come up with a revised system which they announced today. The new prices are not as high as the original prices but they are definitely higher than what they announced after making the 35 % cut.

Since Uber decided to jack up their prices to satisfy their partners, you might be curious what other taxi hailing services are offering. The taxi hailing services in question apart from Uber are Little Cabs, Taxify, Mondo Ride and Mara Moja. I also concentrated on the basic prices you can get for each service.

Little Cabs (Basic)100304190
MondoRide (Budget)100303200

As you can see from the table, the pricing looks familiar at first glance. Uber, Little Cabs and Mondo Ride have a similar price structure that has a base fare, price per kilometer, price per minute and a minimum fare regardless how short the trip is. We have outliers too, like Taxify who only offer a price per kilometer and price per minute fee and Mara Moja who charge the highest price per kilometer.

I decided to go further and check out the fare estimate for a ride from my location to work and the resulting fare estimates were not surprising at all.

The journey is 23 kilometers and the EAT (estimated time of arrival) was around 78 minutes. The cheapest alternative by far is Taxify which gave me a maximum fare of KES 880 and the most expensive alternative was Mara Moja with KES 1450. The other apps gave me a  maximum price estimate of KES 1300 (Uber), KES 1060 (Little Cabs) and KES 1090 (Mondo Ride). The prices were also in range with what I had estimated manually from to their fare pricing information.

Taxi prices kenya

I hope this will help in determining which is the better taxi hailing platform for your needs.


Taxify’s rates have been corrected to reflect the rates they show on the app.


  1. Taxify could be cheaper but what happens to client service? I emailed them after my colleague and I were violently aggressed by their driver Patrick Logongo and they still haven’t gotten back to me.

  2. Hi, Maramoja CTO here. Let me remark that of course your one very long ride example favors the other pricing models. However, for the much more common case in Nairobi of rather short rides in heavy traffic, our pricing holds up better.

    For example, for a 3km ride which takes 45min, so quite typical in the Nairobi jam, you just pay the minimum fare (250 KSh) with MM. Little charges 100 + 30*3 + 45*4 = 370. Uber is similar with 100 + 42*3 + 45*3 = 361, assuming no surge pricing in which case it would be even more expensive. Even Taxify is not better in this case with 75 + 26*3 + 45*2.3 = 256.5.

    We tried to market this as an insurance against jam, but with our next-none marketing budget, that didn’t work well. Most people, like the author of this article, don’t notice this difference, and so only see the seemingly cheaper km prices. That’s why we’re going to adopt a similar model very soon.

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  3. Taxify is better but the drivers behaviors always leave one with an impression that they want a tip…which is OK. the way the look at you while giving you change, ?? is

    Its like” this ride is too cheap, am not making again and again*

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