Nintendo Has Prematurely Released Super Mario Run on Android

It is not available in our market but there is a way to still download it

Super Mario Run on Android is finally available on Android

We’ve been waiting for Nintendo to release Super Mario Run on Android since last year and this week, the company promised that they will finally release it on 23rd March, which is today.

Today was the D-day and Nintendo has finally released the game on the Play Store, which is actually ahead on schedule when you consider we are on a different timezone than the United States.

The annoying thing is that it is not currently available on our market (Kenya), but the good guys over there at APK Mirror have the apk ready for download. It is a 62MB download and you must be running Android 4.2 Jellybean or later. I downloaded the apk and this is how the game looks like when you first launch it.

It has the classic retro vibe Mario games are known for and the tutorial is rather well thought out to help you understand the various gestures to move Mario around.

You do not need to move Mario around and all you have to do is complete the missions indicated on the screen as you collect coins, jump crevasses and toads and climb up pipes. The longer you tap on the screen, the higher Mario jumps and all.

Well it is finally here and if you’re not patient enough to wait for Super Mario Run to hit the Kenyan market, be sure to download the game from the link above. I’ll probably test it out and wait for the part it asks for the fee to unlock more levels, like its iOS sibling (where you pay a $10 fee to go beyond the first 3 levels).