Super Mario Run For Android Will Be Released This Week


Super Mario Run on Android

Mario is such a strong brand from the Japanese company Nintendo and it dredges up our collective nostalgia when it is mentioned by anyone. You may think thanks to the advancement in game graphics from the traditional 8 bit Mario games to the now complicated 3D games, we wouldn’t like retro games like Mario. In reality, that is not exactly the case.

Back then, Nintendo was a leader in the gaming world since they both came up with the hardware (consoles) and the software (games.) In this era however, they have to branch out and release their games on other platforms and that is what they have been doing with Super Mario Run.

They introduced Super Mario Run on iOS first on December 15th last year and we have been waiting for the day they would release it on the Google Play Store. Well Nintendo finally did that and it was through a tweet.

Super Mario Run will be available this week on Android on the 23rd, which is a Thursday. It will also come as a version 2.0.0 update, which will make it at par with the iOS version that will be updated to the same version on the same day.

This is good news for Android fans who are fans of Super Mario and they have been waiting for the game to drop on the Google Play Store. It was released on the App Store as a $10 app and it needed a persistent Internet connection to work, so expect that to be implemented on the Android sibling.

You can pre-register for the game on Google Play here.


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