Microsoft Will Allow You To Manually Get The Windows 10 Creators Update Early

We're only a week away


Microsoft teased their next major update to Windows 10 last year, which they dubbed it the Creators Update. This was way back in October and it seemed like a long time coming before we could ever update our machines.They promised the update will be rolled out early of 2017 and now April is already around the corner.

Two days ago, Microsoft said that they will roll out the Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11th as a free update. Just like how they did with the Anniversary Update back in August last year, they will be rolling out the update in phases so that the requests don’t overwhelm their servers.

According to Microsoft, the plan is to update devices in phases where the first phase will target newer devices (those tested together with OEM partners) and the next phase will be done to additional devices based on feedback of the previous phase. This will be done over several months till all compatible devices running Windows 10 get the Creators update.

What if you’re impatient enough to get the automatic upgrade on April 11th? Well Microsoft has you covered since they will be able to let you initiate the update manually starting April 5th via their Update Assistant.

It is kinda cool Microsoft will allow eager Windows 10 users to get the Creators Update, which promises interesting features like a brand new 3D Microsoft Paint app, reading ebooks on Microsoft Edge, Night Light, additional security protection and much more.

Can’t wait for Wednesday to manually download the highly anticipated Creators update.

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