Ship Your IT Equipment Quickly And Compliantly With An Importer Of Record


Where cloud-based entertainment is concerned, the countries utilizing the services of new media contenders like Facebook or YouTube greatly outweigh those that don’t. Netflix for example is now available in every country apart from China, Crimea, Syria and North Korea. The fastest speeds for streaming can be found in countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Transmitting signals strong enough to supply these multitudes of nations with on-demand content is not done remotely; it requires each country to have its own infrastructure and equipment compatible with the service.

This is where you, the technology reseller comes in — making it feasible for new media forerunners to establish their businesses on foreign soil, by providing this necessary equipment. If a media mogul like Netflix leases from you, it is imperative to deliver their shipment on time. However, where many companies fail, is underestimating the complexity of cross-border transactions particularly in the case of dual-use and controlled-use goods like IT materials. Highly regulated items such as these are handled differently from a typical export; requiring many clearances, and every receiving country will have different laws regulating what they will accept (along with accompanying papers and permits).

What most countries demand however in an Importer of Record (IoR); even if you have the most experienced logistics experts on staff, someone must act on your behalf once the shipment reaches the border. Not-for-sale transactions do not have a customer; therefore with no one on the receiving end to clear the goods, a third party must be willing to take responsibility for them.

A global distribution partner like TecEx will take on the role of your IoR, they understand the various permits and prerequisites for 136 countries with which they regularly do business. Visit to see the full bevy of services on offer and to access their portal which allows you to secure an on-the-spot door-to-door shipping quote. Furthermore, they will be able to confirm the accuracy of your documents; helping you to prepare your commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill, and instruct you on securing any additional certifications. This global distribution partner specializes in successfully transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of IT equipment from one nation to another with best lead times, while only charging you the landed cost quote should the receiving country’s law be altered unexpectedly. What makes them unique, is they can also obtain a Value-Added Tax Refund for you from the countries that make such a refund possible.

Companies like TecEx manage to solve major pain-points in IT importing and exportingthanks to theirthoroughness, specified knowledge regarding document compliance for many different countries, and by offering an added tax deduction. Millions of people now consume cloud-based entertainment around the world, and your clients who offer these services have high expectations that are not worth the risk of disappointing. Partner with a value-added supply chain specialist that will see your transaction through from the moment it leaves its home base to the moment it arrives in your client’s possession; granting you the peace of mind that your valuable assets will not be delayed at customs even for a day.