SEACOM’s Subsea Cable is Experiencing an Outage, Hope You’re Ready For Slow Internet


What a way to start the week huh? Less than 12 hours ago, SEACOM announced that they are experiencing a service-affecting outage on Segment 15 of the company’s sub sea cable system. “The marine fault is located slightly west of Djibouti in the Red Sea and occurred on the 8th April 19:00 GMT.”, says the company in a statement.

The statement goes ahead to say, “The impact of the incident is that all linear transmission traffic on the east coast of Africa to and from Europe will be affected. Customers with IP or other managed network services will remain unaffected but could experience higher latencies with possible degradation of service, as traffic will predominantly be routed over SEACOM’s WACs transmission links on the west coast of Africa, as well as on SEACOM’s network to Asia gateways.”

If you are experiencing some notably slow internet with your ISP this morning, this could be the cause. Most ISPs do have backup or use TEAMS cable along SEACOM’s and you might not see a total internet blackout, however the slow down is frustrating as I have experienced this morning.

SEACOM says that their repair vessel is being mobilized and a tentative repair date will be confirmed soon. The company says that they continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide necessary updates as warranted.

Sorry guys, no streaming for you until further notice.

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  1. Is it possible that our ISPs serve the worst speeds, so much so that I had no clue that such a hitch had taken place? My speeds haven’t declined and I’m still able to stream YouTube at a default 480p (I know, I know, nothing to celebrate)

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